Customer Feedback Sticker

Customer Feedback Sticker

Scan QR Code or NFC Tag

Scan QR code or NFC Tag

Get Feedback from your customers via their smarthphone

Stopbox stickers let your customers quickly give you feedback via their smartphone without having to download an app.

When a customer scans the QR code or NFC tag embedded in the sticker they are taken to your fully customised, mobile optimised feedback form.

As well as instantly emailing the feedback, it is also available in reports with sentiment analysis – right down to the branch, sales counter or table level of detail.

In a Facilities Management scenario stakeholders can report problems, whether it is a broken hand dryer or a jammed printer.  There is even the ability to use conditional questions to build in logic so the problem diagnosis process starts as the issue is being reported.

2 Minute introduction to Stopbox Feedback Stickers